adams calendar kaapschehoop sun dial


Ask in Kaapschehoop about visits to the Adam’s calendar as it is behind a locked gate that is not permanently manned.

Said to be the oldest operating sun dial on earth it has a deep special energy. The place leaves a lot to the intuition and the imagination.

Some 100 meters away from the dial there is a special tree.  Take a little offering and sit a while with this tree. Let me know what you heard!



The San people roamed freely across Southern Africa before the Europeans and tribes from parts of Africa further north arrived around the same time.

They then fled into the Kalahari desert just to be moved out when it was declared a national park.

Erin is one of the farms given back to the descendants of these people. Visit the farm on the way to the Kgalagadi National park and spend some time with the San people in their traditional ways.

mapungubwe national park confluence ruins


The fact that it sits on the confluence of the Limpopo and the Sashe where the South African, Botswana and the Zimbabwe borders come together makes it special.

The big 5 abounds and the openness of the camping sites reminds of parks further up in Africa. What is more special is the ruins of people who lived here long ago. Visitors from the north who disappeared again long before the history of Southern Africa started finding its way onto paper.

mokala national park rock engraving ostrich


Mokala is in the Northern Cape close to Kimberley. A worthwhile destination with its diamond and Boer war history in the area.
Mokala is another gem. The abundance of other animals makes up for the lack of having all the big 5.
What makes it special is the rich find of rock engravings in the hard rock hills telling the story of earlier visitor’s sightings. Rock engravings are special in the sense that it less common here than rock paintings.