• Derek Bekker


I am sure many of us have spent the past week oscillating between shock and elation for this unexpected holiday we are experiencing.

The way I am feeling it, I RECIEVED the bad news last Sunday evening even more intensely than many as I arrived back home after a 5-day retreat. The first few days I was in DENIAL. Since yesterday morning I fell into ANGER and had to keep my responses to others in check for possible AGGRESSION. The next step is normally DEPRESSION and then BARGAINING and ACCEPTANCE. The only bargaining you are going to do however is to what extend you go or stay in isolation and it is going to be a tricky one to accept.

I am concerned though with the depression phase. If you are an entrepreneur delivering high touch one to one client services like me, you are in the frontline of affected earners. It will be easy to get stuck in the depression phase.

DEPRESSION related deaths have for long been one of the top causes of death. The current situation can so easily cause an increase due to the normal cycle of acceptance. Social isolation will also increase the risk.

I however trust that it can decrease partly because there is something calming in the knowing that we are not alone in this.

More importantly my invite is to reach out as soon as you start feeling depressed.

I see this as a great reset. Suddenly those who seemed to have everything sorted is also sitting at home. The playing field have levelled. It is what you do in this pause that will define your success a year from now. FOCUS on what could possibly the biggest POSITIVE.

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