• Derek Bekker

Hiding behind an External Locus of Control

When something goes wrong, can you ask yourself ‘what could I have done differently to avoid it?’ That is showing an internal locus of control. It is not ‘making right’ what someone else did neither does it make you wrong, it is merely a shift in perspective to a state where you can act with more clarity.

Whenever you want to explain a shift in your physical wellness by connecting it to something happening completely outside your body, you might find value to ask yourself which locus of control you are allowing to rule. When you have that answer, ask yourself whether it empowers or disempowers you.

Go deeper and ask yourself what message the reoccurrence of unpleasant situations is trying to give you. You would be looking deeper but be careful, you can still end up in external locus of control mode. You might want to start looking into ways to shift the thought patterns playing a role in this manifestation.

These explanations still look at the past to find reasons and some answers focus on how you want to deal with it differently in future when it happens again. Neither are in the present moment though.

A teacher once told me about the practice of simply saying ‘this, that happened right now, is interesting’. Simple acknowledgement is a good start as it takes the power of the situation away. It is what it is!

If you can get to a level of calmly asking ‘what is this trying to tell me about the current state of myself, my community, my country, the world, or the whole universe?’ then you would have moved to the present moment non judgementally and without shifting blame.

When you can, from this place find an action or strategy to start implementing immediately to work towards a better future, and assuming you are doing all of this with Aloha in your heart, you are on track to finding greatness!

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