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Referencing Kahuna Healing by Serge Kahili King a summary of the particular chapter in Kahuna Healing enhanced with the author's own experience of the Kahuna work and Life Coaching.

Kahuna uses a process whereby an approach is designed during the session to suit a problem as it arises and can thus be called a strategic therapy. It stands on 3 legs: Material, Energy and Mental approach supported by and overarching sense of Divine Healing. Although there is more to it, I elaborate on the aspects as I apply it in my offering.

The Material Approach

· Medicine

Medicine is not there to fight against an illness. It stimulates the energy flow and effects muscle relaxing in the body that will aid in breaking op tension or fear induced illness. One of the fastest effects can be obtained form inhaling medicines and hence the use of essential oils to create an aromatic effect. The effect of Mana (energy) induced water would in western medicine be seen as a placebo effect but in the Kahuna world it is believed to have real benefit.

· Diet

However, Kahuna don’t strictly adhere to a specific dietary believe it is agreed that living raw fruit and vegetables are better. There is believe in a healing meal that can be prepared and served. They also believe that the healthier the mind the more able the body will be to produce all the required vitamins and minerals from whatever diet is followed. The Kahuna believe that over- or under-weight conditions should only be treated if is appears as an inner conflict symptom. Fasting can be used to expose and drain the energy from deep seated issues but serves only as a temporary relieve and therefor is only used as step in a bigger process.

· Ritual

Apart from the physical benefit, i.e. warming up the body during ritual dance at the beginning of a Kahuna massage, or the energetic level, i.e. the believe that it can clear energy, ritual also serves to underline the aspect of the right person doing the right thing needed for the healing.

· Charged objects

Many of the objects in the modern Kahuna’s room and under the massage table are seen as charged objects with the ability to bring a different energy into the work. This is well aligned with believes of crystal healing and others. Ebony wood and shells are of particular meaning to the Kahuna.

The Energy Approach

· Physical manipulation

Most of what happens during the Kahuna massage session can be read in under this heading. Not only the long flowing strokes with the hands and forearms but also the stretches and joint rotations done during the session belongs here.

The Kahuna also practiced Lua which is a Hawaiian martial arts form practiced as a means to discharge emotional tension. There is also much more behind Hula dancing than the entertainment value.

· Current manipulation

Kaomi is a technique similar to acupressure. It gets incorporated in the Kahuna massage session as pauses and applying of pressure along meridian lines and any other area calling for the attention of the Kahuna. The pressure varies in intensity, but the Kahuna maintain that it does not need to be painful to be effective. It can be deep though and the patient is always encouraged to indicate whenever any pressure causes pain.

Kahi is a practice that reminds of ‘laying on of hands’ as done in some spiritual healings or ‘therapeutic touch’ and Reiki modalities. The difference is however in the intent to work with energy and not with symbols or spiritual ideas. Note that the Kahuna is not giving own energy but rather acts as channel for energy form outside to flow into the patient or in some cases simply creating an energy flow between certain energy points of the patient’s body and areas that needs healing.

· Field Manipulation

Similar in appearance that the Kahi practice although the Kahuna is not touching the patient. The Kahuna works to either charge the patient, in the case of fatigue and depression, or discharging of negative tensions. This practice is also similar in appearance to other energy healing work.

The Mental Approach

It is Serge Kahili King’s comment that “It is by far the most important method in the healing repertoire of the Kahuna and is considered as the core of all healing, since all experience is a reflection of thought” that have drawn me to pay attention. I have for long intuitively felt that I needed to bring my Life Coaching training into my Kahuna Massage practice to step into Kahuna Healing and live up to the Healing Heart name I selected at the start of my Kahuna journey.

I consciously look for the correlation between this approach of Kahuna Healing and my Life Coaching training.

· Awareness of Thoughts (Ike)

We all know how our perspectives, attitudes and assumptions create our experience of the life that we live. If you want to change your life it is therefore important to have a clear understanding of what these are for you. The Kahuna would support the patient to see these clearly. From my experience these patterns can become sufficiently clear by the Coach deeply listening and reflecting back to the client whether the client speaks about recent experiences of significance, old memories or their vision. For some the mere awareness of these will get them to immediately effect the change required. The Kahuna however teach that ongoing experience are caused by habits. The next step is about changing habits.

· Establishing Goals (Makia)

This is about getting the client to have a clear vision for his future and to lay out the supporting goals and actions to make it a reality. Our connection to our vision is best supported when we get into it on an imaginary level any really experiencing for ourselves with all our senses what it would be like when we are there. To get the client to connect forward to the vision on a regular basis the client is supported to develop short emotionally laden statements that describe milestone behaviours to reaching their vision. This correlates to something we referred to as breakthrough promises in my coaching training. It helps when these are developed and embedded at a time when the thinking mind is out of the way and other strong emotional or other experiences are present. At the end of a Kahuna massage session is often a useful time to ask the client to come up with such a statement.

· Changing (Kala)

When there is a resistance to the change asked for through the new vision created this step becomes necessary. One of the important aspects is forgiveness of people and situations that brought us to this point. Here the Ho’oponopono technique of the Kahuna is a useful tool. It is really about saying the following mantra to yourself, forgiving yourself for attracting negative outcomes through habits. “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”.

Often people have a hidden benefit driving them to stick to their current patterns i.e. the release of a pattern may require them to take certain responsibilities they are not ready to take.

The Kahuna can support in the re-interpretation of old memories and the teaching of techniques to completely relax muscles for it switches off the natural reaction to negative thoughts and allows for the installation of new habits.

· Directing Energy (Manawa)

This step includes the use of anything that will support the establishment of the habits. It includes books, lectures, courses, diagrams and motivational messages. It can also be objects or rituals that serve as a reminder. Visiting of specific places and association with people who have the desired qualities also helps. Knowledge needs to become part of the sub conscious to be materially effective and therefore it needs to include action and emotion through as many ways possible.

The coaching protocol I was taught follows a fixed structure. First checking in to get the client fully present, then a reflection on completion on interim goals and a chat about anything else of significance that happened since the previous session. This is followed by setting an objective or intention for the session of the day and then moving into coaching on the goal. The session is ended when the session objective is reached, interim goals and actions are agreed on and the session is summarised into a key take away.

My take is that the correlation exists between the two approaches. As can be expected the Kahuna approach is more holistic, intuitive and in flow switching at ease backward and forward through the steps in my coaching training to come to the same effect of changing habits and achieving a new vision. My western coaching training provides a structural container to provide the client with a more mind-based sense of progress that is often vital in a decision to make use of the service from a financial return on investment mindset.

Divine Healing

Whatever your believe is in terms of God or a higher self, god-self or Aumakua the Kahuna believe this to be the most important element in all healing. Everything in Kahuna healing is about the communion with this force and allowing its source energy to flow freely along the original paths of the body. It is the conscious involvement and joyful collaboration of this force in an open loving trusting way that effects the most direct form of healing.

Treatment Failure

The Kahuna sees a lack of change in thought pattern on the side of the patient as underlying reason to most treatment failure and would see it as a factual statement not a judgement or fault. The Kahuna give several reasons of what might be behind this lack of change:

· There might be a cost-benefit resistance as mentioned earlier.

· Fear or mistrust on the side of the patient. This might have nothing to do with the skill of the Kahuna and might be much more about the patient’s believes, upbringing or societal norms.

· Often different symptoms come from the same root cause. A lack of understanding and work on the patient’s attitudes makes for temporary relief only. Understanding all prevailing symptoms holistically increases the chance of overall healing.

· Environmental aspects play a big role. A healed patient might arrive back home or at work and go into the same condition as before. Where possible the Kahuna will include a constellation of people in the healing even if only on an imaginary level.

· Lastly when an individual’s Higher Self has decided that it is time to leave the physical world there is little that the Kahuna can do than to work on alleviating symptoms and in the rare case to convince the Higher Self otherwise.

Derek Bekker – Kahuna Practitioner and Life Coach

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