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Free e-book - Regain your Freedom - 7 Steps

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Download your free copy by clicking the link at the bottom or e-mail me to derek@lifeandcoacafrica.com for a free copy. Please post some comments after you have read the book.

Step 1 - Acknowledging your Prison

Prisons with bars in front of the windows and a door that is always locked is easy to acknowledge. Partly because it is such an obvious brick and mortar place but also because you normally know what got you there, when you arrived and when you will be set free again. Prisons of the mind are not that easy though.

Acknowledging your prison is about being clear what exactly this prison is.

Start to write down as many possible scenarios of “My prison is....”. Your prison can be many things. Here are some hints:

- Things you have or don’t have like money

- A medical condition or physical and even mental impairment

- It might even be thought patterns, addictions

and fears

- It can be your experience of people in your life or those that no longer are

- And it often is the things you do or don’t do

Just like the prison warden is not the prison or the reason why you are in prison, you would miss a key point if you gave others the power of being your prison. Unless of course if you are held against your will.

Look deeper. It is always worth it to ask a couple of times “what is behind it”? It is often what a particular person represents and how it makes you feel that is your prison and not the person themselves.

Often our prison initially appears vague. You have a sense of being stuck but don’t know why.

A useful exercise to do: Sit comfortably close your eyes and

think of the most recent time when your sense of being stuck was particularly strong. Try to remember what your senses registered in the moment. A smell,

sound, taste, physical feeling or sight. Forget about it and slowly start to scan your body from toe to crown. When ever you pick up any sensation in a specific part stay with it for a while until you feel you can describe it clearly. Again ask the question “what is behind it?” Open your eyes make a few notes and carry on. This whole exercise should take you about 30 minutes.

Now think about your prison again and try to describe it. You should find that you now have more to say about it.

Once you have said enough about your prison it is time to consolidate and condense it to a single statement. There are many ways to do this. I trust you will intuitively arrive at your one line Prison statement.

Hello Prison! First step done. We know what we are dealing with.

email me at derek@liefandcoachafrica.com for the complete 7 steps.

7 Steps to Freedom - Derek of Life and Coach
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