• Derek Bekker


Deep within us there is a place... a place of absolute silence... of raging anger, of bitter regret... of sweet passion and of tender compassion... of intense longing... of scars and scary memories... of tears never cried and smiles never smiled... filled with dreams of places and people we have never seen or met... where the sun scorches the deserts and the moon rises over the oceans... where birds call in the forest canopy and the roar of a lion stirs up the savannah... the pent-up energy of races never ran, and mountains never climbed... Deep within us there is a 'yes' never lived and a 'no' not walked away from... And deeper, deep down in the deepest, there is a question, how long does one wait until it is too late? Can you switch off from daily life and be with these places, memories and questions? Can you face them and pick only one? One that you will today commit to do what is called for? In the depths of the ancient Hawaiian work you can come face to face with one of these! Is that why you show interest but never book, cancel on the last minute or make a silly remark about this deep work? Or are you there but clinging on to the cliffs by the tips of your thinking mind? You see there, there just a little bit out of your comfort zone, there lies the opportunity, an opportunity to break through. Shall you take it or maybe next time when it might just be too late? Respect to each one who takes the step whether it is this ancient Hawaiian practice or another. It is about your growth not what I do.

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