I have personally experienced the work of each of these therapist and recommend each one for their own special energy and skill.


Aloha Life Center

Anthea originally brought Kahuna formally to South Africa when she started teaching it here years ago.

Her ability to see what is going on go for each individual is amazing. With that also her ability to hold space for large groups. She simply has that gift of presence.


Aloha Life Center

A Kahuna teacher in her own right. She also the one that makes the most delicious vegetarian food on trainings.

More than that she is a Kahuna therapist of note. Powerful beyond her size, deeply intuitive and working with a wide range of energies.


Aloha Life Center

When I think of her there is always a feeling of a depth that goes beyond the normal.

For me she is the go to when I feel chaotic and what to process it with deep intensity. She just have that ability to take me to that edge where I can fully let go does not matter how ugly the tears comes.


Kahuna Therapist in Cape Town

Cape Town is as blessed as Johannesburg with strong intuitive Kahuna therapists. Angie is one of them.

She has a special touch and a very deep passion for this beautiful work.

A perfect blend of nurturer and warrior.


Kahuna, Mind Massage and Glass Artist

A talented man. He gives a powerful Kahuna. In addition he practice various other forms of massages.

He is also amazing with singing bowls and other sound instruments.

His creativity also finds expression in his glass work.


Kahuna Therapist and Writing Muse

Claire has spent time in Hawaii giving her an extra layer in understanding of the Kahuna work. Deeply intuitive and not afraid to work with deep challenging energies.

She is also a talented writer and holds space both in Kahuna training and writing groups.


Massage Therapist

Few other therapists inspires after finding Kahuna. Sonja is one of those. She works with big intuition beyond the modalities she trained in. It stems from a deep, rich, beautiful spiritual side.
She is truly talented and one that carries light into the world where ever she goes and she goes far and wide.


Massage Therapist and Photographer

Sabine is another non Kahuna that does excellent body work.

She also blends her own products and brings a special energy in that way.

Sabine is also a photographer. If you want a photographer for your own therapies she is definitely one to consider.



Northern Suburbs, Johannesburg
Gauteng, South Africa

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