Based in Consciousness Coaching

Regular coaching sessions allows you to set a goal and track progress against it. As coach I listen and ask the questions that supports unlocking your inner knowledge. 

When you need guidance I share form my experience and direct you towards areas where you can search further.

Coaching can support you towards the achievement of any goal you set out to reach and sometimes to the understanding of why a certain goal is no longer what you need in your life.

life strategy coaching


The coaching cycle begins with a free chemistry session to see how well we connect. 

We will agree on the goals we want to achieve and the number of sessions in the cycle. A cycle agreement is signed.

Each session will go through the following phases:

- Presencing where we put the noise aside by acknowledging what is going on for us

- Feedback on progress against commitments

- Reflecting on relevant matters since the previous meeting.

- Checking in on the cycle goal. Goal setting for the session.

- Coaching against goal to achievement

- Making commitments until next session.

- Capturing the A-ha moment of the session

Standard Coaching sessions are R500/hour.