Kahuna is based in the ancient Hawaiian healing practices. You experience a deeply relaxing time connected to the sounds and movements of the waves of the ocean. The use of forearms in long flowing strokes gives you a nurturing touch experience that we so often crave in a modern low touch society.

For more information see the page of Anthea Hardwick with whom I learnt Kahuna.

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Kahuna Bodywork Sessions

Kahuna is based in ancient Hawaiian Healing practices. Sometimes also referred to as Temple style Lomi-lomi. In earlier days Hawaiians visited the Kahuna for several days to be prepared for a rite of passage. The Kahuna was also visited for healing or alleviation of any major health concerns.

Your Kahuna session will start with you lying facedown on the table covered by a sarong while the therapist does a dance around the table preparing himself and the energy in the room for the work. Your body is then prepared with warm coconut oil and a chant and prayer is done to bless the work and to thank the Kahunas.

The work is done with hands and forearms in long flowing strokes running across meridians often inducing the alpha brainstate which leads to deep rest and the receiving of visions.

The session is ended with a cleaning and closing ritual.

Kahuna works best when received regularly in a progression of sessions starting with a 60-minute session on the back of the body only, to build trust between therapist and client and focus on general revitalisation. Sessions then progress to 90-minute sessions which include the front of the body and underbody work with a focus on more specific issues. A 2-hour Deep Tissue Spiritual Release session can be done when the client works with deep lying issues on a physical and spiritual level.

Also included in the Kahuna range are:

New Life Massage suitable for Pregnant Women:

A gentle massage with the client lying on the sides and back. Included is a guided meditation connecting you to life force and the life within you. Women receiving this massage on a regular basis during the pregnancy have reported easier births and calmer babies.

Mana Card readings:

The Mana cards by Catherine Becker and Doya Nardin is used in a fun way to receive messages from ancient Hawaiian wisdom. Combined with coaching questions it becomes a powerful tool to explore with.

Polynesian floorwork:

Fully clothed these sessions focusses on meridian activations and joint mobility.

Kahi healing:

Best described as a Hawaiian form of energy healing, fully clothed and low touch.

Standard 60 minute sessions are R500.