Holistic Life Development and Journeys

Life & Coach is a combination of practices that have over the years brought me life changing experiences. Facilitated free form dancing meditation forms the base of my offering. Life coaching covers what is accessible to the thinking mind while body work open the other senses. Workshops and Specialised Tours provides the opportunities to go deeper.

derek bekker kahuna massage bodywork

Derek Bekker - My journey to Life & Coach

A journey with depression led me on a search for deeper meaning which eventually turned inward to a place where I started understanding more. Some turns resulted in dead ends whilst others ended in additions to what today makes the components of Life & Coach. I first qualified as Certified Life Coach. Years went pass and eventually I ended an almost 30 year career as National Procurement Manager in a cement company.

Life & Coach slowly started shaping. I then qualified as a Lomi-Lomi massage therapist, Expressive Movement dance facilitator and a Tour Operator. I combined all these practices into one journey weaving it together with bits and pieces of a lot of other work I experienced as participant over years.

Part of my journey had to be to resign from a long corporate career to bring my experience together into Life & Coach. The processes I bring together in Life & Coach will allow you to find your purpose and life the greatest version of your life.

When opportunity arises I collaborate with like minded people to bring their own offering into the mix. They are people with whom I experienced key parts of my own journey. But often they also include knowledgeable people from local communities where we work and travel.



Service Offering

Each of the services is an offering in its own right. You can start at any point and find your way through to what you require.

Expressive movement dance meditation


A facilitated movement meditation dance practice.

A weekly dance practice in a clean environment. Allow your body to find a way to move with the music through a wave of presencing, expressing, releasing, dreaming and integrating music as the facilitator guides you through the theme in a way that allows you to have a truly embodied experience.

There is no way you can get it wrong - whatever the issue is in your life, if you can allow your body to dance with it you will be able to shift it in life.

life startegy coaching


Based in Consciousness Coaching

Regular coaching sessions allow you to set a goal and track progress against it. As coach I listen and ask the questions that support unlocking your inner knowledge. 

When you need guidance I share from my experience and direct you towards areas where you can search further.

Coaching can support you towards the achievement of any goal you set out to reach and sometimes to the understanding of why a certain goal is no longer what you need in your life.

massage kahuna bodywork nurturing touch



Kahuna is based in ancient Hawaiian healing practices. You experience a deeply relaxing time connected to the sounds and movements of the waves of the ocean. The use of forearms in long flowing strokes give you a nurturing touch experience that we so often crave in a modern low touch society.

group coaching workshop


Coached vision map and camp fire story telling

I base my vision map and camp fire story telling workshops on group coaching principles. Incorporated can be Expressive Movement dance sessions and sound journey work.

A motivating experience with very practical steps to move towards your vision.

specialised tours long road nature


Conscious Road trips

Retreats bring you to a location where you settle in and work with a specific theme.

A conscious road trip keeps you unsettled for the duration allowing you to recognise that which in everyday life keeps you back.

Trips are in Defender Safari vehicles and goes to places of significance in more remote areas. Accommodation is either camping or lodges. 

Days can include meditation, nature walks, sessions in coaching, bodywork or other practices. Evenings can include storytelling, drumming or dancing.

ibis river retreat labyrinth


Labyrinth walks, day tours and retreats

The difference is that all the activities is shaped to include a themed interaction along the lines of group coaching. It can be used succesfuly for team building, vision development and relationship enhancement activity. 

The main activities we offer on this basis are:

Labyrinth walks and ceremonies.

Soweto day tours visiting the famous Vilakazi street, the Orlando Towers, Hector Peterson Museum and Memorial, Credo Mutwa village and Freedom Square.

Lesedi village, Cradle of Humankind and the Lion & Safari Park



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